dubious beginnings

It's strange starting something whose failure you're anticipating. I don't read blogs, don't particularly like the word "blog," and don't know many people who regularly update theirs.

I have thought about writing one for a while, but I wonder how long I can self-consciously type to an unknown and most probably nonexistent audience. But, as my grandfather never said, wondering never built any bridges, so I might as well write.

Here are some of my intentions:
  • to not abandon this within a week or two - to persist
  • to post interesting and strange and beautiful things
  • to use this as a catalyst to create interesting and strange and beautiful things
  • to type without too much fear or self-doubt, but a little of each
  • if ever I mention this to people in real life, to never use the word 'blog'
In my fine tradition of minimal commitment, let's see what happens.


1 comment:

Pamela said...

Congratulations on starting your blog - ok, sorry I said the word "blog!" :) (but I completely understand.) Congratulations on making a committment to write - how is that? What's crazy is that I just started one too...last week, totally on a whim, although in truth I'd been thinking about it for some time. Still, resisted for all the reasons you outline. Totally with you on the fear/self-doubt...the nonexistent audience...the fear of abandoning it after a week...well, totally with you on all points. Nevertheless, I'm glad we're doing it! Good luck and keep writing and I'm certain you'll be brilliant.